Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday: Neat Rows

Gallup Burying Ground
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It may look, from this photo, like this would be a snap job to record this cemetery but it has still been quite a challenge despite the rows upon rows of organized markers.

Some rows have footstones; some do not. Some have flag markers in front of the wrong stone and some a babies and small children buried next to whomever died first that gave birth to them.

The complied Gallup Genealogy lists probably all of the adults that are buried here. If I am lucky I can match up some part of the name on a child's grave to their listing in the genealogy. I hope to have a accurate listing of each gravestone I have photographed.

I like to take several "whole graveshots" so that I can be sure I have the placement right. By the way, this is the front row left side. There are graves in front of the front row out of range of the camera.

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