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Tombstone Tuesday: wife of John G. CLIFT

Lydia's gravestone is situated next to her husband, to the left as you look at the matching gravestones. Lydia GILSON, may have been Lydia JILLSON, as there isn't much information about her or her maiden name being spelled like this in a person's tree at Ancestry.com.

Remember, unless the headstone was ordered prior to her death and carved and placed there by her, the name and date of birth must be proved along with the date of death. Cemetery records can be helpful in this quest.

This type of gravestone lists the woman's maiden name and often "the wife of." as part of the information given. In some cases, another wife may also be buried with the man.

I am still working on more proof for Lydia, but the AGBI lists a source of the GILSON and JILLSON families.
[Genealogy of the Gillson and Jillson fam. By David Jillson. Central Falls, 1876. (266p.):177]

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