Sunday, October 03, 2010

Howland Plaque

I have discovered that many of my fellow genea-bloggers and Facebook friends have a connection to John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley.

Sharing their memorial gravestones is a great pleasure for me. Here's a plaque in front of a house to commemorate John Howland's first house. I think things like this are cool. Yes, I stood on it. [16 Leyden St.]

As part of my graduate studies, I became fascinated with historic Plymouth and bought several books about the location. I favor James Baker (who I have met) book titled, A Guide to Historic Plymouth, for a good read with great photos. [History Press, 2008]

For those who have never been to New England or who are not likely to come here, I enjoy writing about our Forefather's but it takes a real historian to do it justice.

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