Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday: Washington IRVING

Washington IRVING
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In case you didn't read Sunday's post:

"Gravestones this week are brought to you from the camera of my friend Kathy Schrock. She went to speak at at conference held in Tarrytown, NY and found a nearby famous cemetery."

She has applied a Creative Commons license to them so I would add them to my Flickr photos and use them to blog with. She is not a genealogist but she is an expert in technology. Anyone can enjoy a great cemetery. That's my motto.."

For a special Halloween treat, this is the gravestone of Washington Irving. Perhaps you've heard of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow?

Read it for free at Google Books.


Kathy Schrock said...

Nice photo, if I do say so myself!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Kathy Schrock for your kindness in allowing Creative Commons use by Midge for genealogy.

Nice post today Midge, and timely.