Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday: Frazel Monument

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After our wonderful session with my husband's relative, Eleanor, we decided to return to Maplewood Cemetery in Marlborough, MA to locate the monument for his grandparents and great grandparents.

We found a photograph dated 1980 that shows this monument and we investigated Google Maps and found the street view extends partially into the cemetery. It seemed to be in the right spot. My husband was impressed that you could see inside the cemetery with street view.

Many years before, we went to this cemetery. My husband's oldest brother's children were asleep in the car (one on my lap) so only the men got out of the car. I craned my neck around to take in the area but I was not sure I could find it again.

Steve's parents could not remember what it looked like or what it said on the stone so on 29 May 2007, we went in search of the cemetery. We found the cemetery but did not find this monument. We do know (from that photo) that there was a large plant all around the base of the stone. You can see that here in that grainy photo from 1980.

The plant would have covered the surname on the front, which we could easily have missed. There are no dates or names on the front of this monument. It is inscribed only on the sides.

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