Saturday, December 04, 2010

Advent Calendar: Grandparents Christmas Card

As today is my birthday, I decided to post this scan of one of my grandparent's Christmas Cards.

As the inside lists both my grandparent's names, I know that this card was pre-1955 as my grandfather died in June of 1955.

My grandmother bought her cards (and mine too when I was a teenager) from a lady who she described as a "cousin or something of my grandfather". I have figured out who that was and discovered they lived in East Bridgewater, MA which is the next town over from where we just moved away from. Margaret Alexander, the cemetery caretaker and a friend who knows her genealogy stuff helped me locate the gravestones there. That's a story for another day. Margaret even showed me where they lived.

I did not send out cards this year as we sent out change of address cards just prior to moving. However, this card shown here and some others were discovered by the movers we hired. I think it is a Christmas miracle. I thought they were lost.


Cindy Bergeron Scherwinski said...

What a wonderful find, Midge. Wishing you many wonderful memories in your new home this Christmas.

Teresa Wilson Rogers said...

Love, love, love this card! What a wonderful treasure!

DianaR said...

First off - Happy Birthday!! (from one December baby to another!)

I love the card! How wonderful that you FOUND some things when you moved rather than lost some things..truly a miracle.