Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Beloved Children (Top)

Frazel Monument Right Side
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Reading a weathered gravestone is very difficult and sometimes you only get a few words at a time.

My husband and I wiped the leaves and dirt carefully from the stone and started to work on the wording. Once we determined that there were three children and dates, we matched them to the headstones on this same side with Joseph FRAZEL and Naomi Fancy. I got as close as I could and took section shots of the words.

The top of the stone reads:

Beloved children of Joseph & Naomi Frazel
Albert Raymond/ Born: Sept 10, 1893/ Died April 8 1894

Confirmed by the Massachusetts Vital Records for Marlborough, MA (at NEHGS) Birth 431: 286 Death 446:286 died of pneumonia at 7 months

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