Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Keeping it Organized

Cocoon Grid it!
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As my readers know, I love cemeteries but I also love technology. This is a wonderful thing that I bought for myself for my recent birthday.You get the best presents if you buy them yourself.

It is called a Grid-It and it is a series of elastic band holders that can hold items securely to put in your computer bag, tote bag or briefcase.

I bought this one at The Container Store in Natick, MA for $14.99 to keep my iPod touch organized. I feel my mind works better if I can actually find my "stuff". I love it so much that I wanted to know what other sizes I could purchase so I went in search of their Web site.

"What to my wondrous eyes should appear" but the exact thing my husband needs for his new car. He had devised a system of holding the stuff in his car on his visor and the elastic straps he has been using are "shot". I wanted a small Grid-it for my new Flip-Pal scanner bag. I easily found both.

In fact, I found a holiday special. The shipping is Fed Ex and a bit steep but the product is just what I wanted and it came promptly.The little bag and the small Grid-it are in the bag with my new scanner just waiting for me for Christmas.

Do you like the notepad in this photo that looks like my iPod? Pretty cool present from my friend Kathy Schrock.


Gale Wall said...

Cool. I love tech gadgets too. This could serve so many purposes. Thanks for sharing about it.

Susan Petersen said...

So is this what you are now carrying around in that new bathrobe?!?!?! :-)