Monday, December 13, 2010

Maplewood Cemetery Sign

Maplewood Cemetery Sign
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Usually, I post the photo of any sign in a cemetery that I am researching early in the blog postings in case a family member who reads my blog is interested in visiting the cemetery on their own.

This sign is directly near the two entrances to this cemetery and is quite large and easy to spot when you are driving by. This cemetery is very well maintained.

I have been to Maplewood cemetery twice. The first visit taught me a lot about the value of doing research before going out gravestone hunting and the second taught me how much I have learned along the way since my first trip. One of the most important lessons is to keep looking for family who can tell you exactly where people are buried. I should have done that before my first trip. I relied on the memory of my in-laws which did not work out. At least I was sure it was the right cemetery.

I retook some of the photos I took at the first trip and am glad that I did. They are so much better.

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