Monday, December 27, 2010

Mobile Warrior Kit

Mobile Warrior Kit
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I bought the Flip-pal scanner for myself for Christmas and ending up using it early to scan family photos at a relative's home.

I love my Coccon Grid-it for my iPod touch "stuff" so I bought a car visor one for my husband and at the same time I bought a small grid-it for my scanner to hold the SD to USB stick (easily lost) and some batteries.

As a holiday special, Cocoon was offering this free zippered case (the black one under the grid-it) for FREE.They ship FedEx which is fast but expensive.

I found a rechargeable battery pack for 4 AA's at Target.

The funniest thing happened after we opened it. My husband opened the plastic case that surrounded the recharger and plugged it in to charge overnight. The next morning, I checked the readout and it didn't look charged so I unplugged it. We forgot to take the plastic thing off the display! Some techno-genius I am, huh?

After laughing and coffee, we plugged it back in to see what the display was supposed to say. It says zero as in fully charged. Phew! The batteries work fine in the Flip-pal.

The empty recharger fits exactly in the black case with the grid-it. I am so ready to be a mobile warrior scanner girl!


Susan Petersen said...

You always inspire me, Midge! I've been looking at the grid products on Amazon, but haven't decided which size to try first. It's really getting to the point where I need to have a centralized way of stashing my various media, cords, USBs, etc. Short of carrying around a carry-on suitcase all the time. I already carry my Kindle, camera, cell phone and mp3 player in my purse all the time...... Love your photos. I hadn't seen the Flip-Pal sleeve yet. They weren't available when I got my scanner, so I got a netbook case for the scanner, which is just fine. Too many gadgets, too little time!

Midge Frazel said...

There are many more sizes of Grid-It products at their Web site

Brenda said...

Hi Midge, This is the first I have heard of the Cocoon Grid-it... do you have a post on your blog about this?
which ones are better etc..
Thanks Brenda

Joan Miller (Luxegen) said...

I love your Mobile Warrior Kit! I'm planning to buy a Flip-Pal when I'm at Rootstech in February.

Thanks for all of your great suggestions for mobile genealogists.