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Frazel Family Event
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Shown in this family group photo is Rhoda FRAZEL who was the daughter of Joseph and Naomi (Fancy) FRAZEL. She is the dark haired lady in the center of the photo. Behind her on the left is her son, Harold PHILIPS.

Of course, Naomi and Joseph are seated in the front and the photo is labeled Gramma and Grandpa. Sammie is to the far left, then Harold and his mother Rhoda. Next is Raymond with his father Phares. Phares is my father-in-law's father and Raymond is his son by his first marriage with Mamie. Got that?

There are many photos like this one in the family collection. They are all labeled "at Rhoda's" but undated. I keep wondering if it is a birthday or an anniversary. In one photo there is the back of a car. I am trying to put all of these photos together to get a date clue. In one photo, Joesph looks a lot like my husband.

Rhoda was born in October of 1880 or 1881 in Baker Settlement, Nova Scotia and came here with her parents and the surviving siblings. She died sometime in 1940. She married John A. PHILIPS January 31, 1898 (Mass VR) and lived in Marlborough until sometime between the 1900 and 1910 census when she and her husband moved to Haverhill. In addition to Harold shown here, it may be that there was a son, named Albert, born to her husband from a first marriage. Time and more research will tell. She was 16 when she married John. This I can't imagine.

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