Sunday, January 02, 2011


Silver Dollars
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It is always good to remember how fortunate we are to know as much as we do about our own families at the start of each New Year. With intent and purpose, genealogists and family historians both work hard on finding out who they are by studying their ancestors and their lives.

But, it is helping others get started in finding their ancestors that gives us a real sense of belonging. Of course, this takes some money and a lot of time. Turning away from your family research is hard but it is worth all the money in the world to see someone's delight at finding their family.

It is with that in mind that I show you the silver dollars that my father carried through France and Germany in World War II. He jangled them in his pocket so much that they are worn smooth. I am not sure what they looked like when they were new. Someday, they will belong to my grandson.

We are indeed lucky to have those in our past watch over us and sometimes they surprise us by leaving us money when they pass away. This has happened to us in our family this New Year.It is not a lot of money but it is enough for us to spend some and save some.

Instead of my two cents; here's my two dollars toward a brighter future for us all!

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