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Phares and his sons

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Phares David Frazel married  in Marlborough, MA a woman the family calls Mamie. The vital records (most importantly her death record) tell us she was born in Nova Scotia. We don't know if Phares knew her before he came here with his family at age 16 or if he met her here. The marriage record (461:284) tells us that it was a first marriage for both and that they married on 11 Nov 1896 in Marlborough.

Phares is listed in the 1900 census as living as a border. I don't know why if he had a wife! He is listed as an engineer in a shoe factory. The city directory also lists him in that same year. It may be that Mamie wasn't home when the census taker came or she went back to Nova Scotia  to visit family.

Phares became a naturalized citizen in 1901 and his address given is 21 Norwood St. in Marlborough. Mamie and Phares had a son born to them name Raymond W. Frazel. He is the older child in this photo. My father-in-law is the baby.

I located a passenger list that tells us that Phares went back to Nova Scotia on the ship Prince Arthur in 1902 arriving back at Boston on 26 Sept 1902. Raymond was already born on 14 May 1902 so perhaps it was a trip back to show off the baby to his maternal grandparents?

What happened next is not good....

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