Monday, March 28, 2011

Little Rhody

Beaman Blue Books by midgefrazel
Beaman Blue Books, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.

Rhode Island is my home state. It is scary how much I don't know about it. Cherry Fletcher Bamburg and the other folks at the RI Genealogical Society are a very big help. I have a folder now of information, some of which can be found right on their Web site.

This is a photo of the books of vital records (Rhode Island Genealogical Register) of Rhode Island compiled by a man named Beaman. These are aptly named the Blue books! He and his daughter also compiled a set of books which are called the Red books.  The older ones are distinguished by the words "New Series".

Imagine my surprise when I was offered a full set of these by the Society! I could hardly croak out a thanks, I was so stunned. I have put them in a plastic tote next to my genealogy files that are in my new basement. I pulled out the first book and started going through them. Amazing reading. I have had access to this by subscription to I hope that I can cancel that membership now that I have this set.

From this post on, I plan to focus on the gravestone photo I am putting on my iPad to take with me. Many of you may have read them already, so please bear with me.


Travis LeMaster said...

Wow! How nice of them. Now, be prepared for some lookup requests to come your way!

Midge Frazel said...

The way theses volumes are organized reminds me of a serial story in a magazine. I've been reading along and then it says, "to be continued" with no mention of when that would be. The index only helps with each book (so far).