Monday, April 18, 2011

Deacon Josiah HAYNES

Deacon Josiah HAYNES by midgefrazel
Deacon Josiah HAYNES, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.
In Freedom's Cause

Deacon Josiah Haynes died on 19 April 1775 in the first battle of the Revolutionary War which we here in Massachusetts on the third Monday in April. We call it Patriot's Day to remember those who died in the this war.

Josiah was 79 years old and a farmer in Sudbury, MA when according to the History of Sudbury written by Alfred Sereno Hudson (Google Books) tells the history on page 381. Josiah has an elementary school and a street named in his honor and there is a great synopsis of the history on the school's page. I was inspired by the Find a Grave photo to find this special gravestone.

Josiah has this lovely gravestone with a great epitaph. I love the guide lines and the lettering. It is this stone that I decided to measure the distance between the headstone and footstone.

In Memory of/ Deacon Josiah Haynes/who died/in Freedom's Cause the 19th of April, 1775./ In the 79th year of his Age.

Come listen all unto this call/Which God doth make today/For You must die as well as I/And pass from hence away.

As a member of the DAR, I celebrate the life and service that this man made for our freedom. Thank you Josiah.


Heather Rojo said...

My Haynes are descended from Walter Haynes b. 1583 d. 1665 in Sudbury. My line daughters out in the first two generations. This Josiah is probably a cousin.

Vanessa Haynes-Miller said...

Hi Heather, I think it's safe to say that Josiah is your cousin, as he is my 8th and 10th great granduncle. His brother Deacon John Haynes has two children that descend off ending at both my paternal grandparents. His daughter Elizabeth's line goes like this:

Elizabeth Haynes & Henry Balcom
Elizabeth Balcom & Gershom Rice
Matthias Rice & Mary Boyden
John Rice & Sarah Smith
Mary Rice & Rev. Israel Potter
Aaron Potter & Susanna Purdy
Reuben D. Potter & Sarah Gilliatt
Celestia Potter & Edward Wright
Elizabeth Wright & Joshua Simpson
Bertha Simpson & James W. Haynes
Philip Haynes & Sue Deacon
Vanessa Haynes & Tim Miller
(Bertha & James are my pat. gparents)

James's line starts at John's son, John Haynes Jr.

John Haynes II & Ruth Roper
John Haynes III & Anna Hubbard
John Haynes IV & Mary Taylor
Daniel Haynes & Lois White
John Haynes & Mary McGregor
Daniel Haynes & Ellen Rosencrantz
James L. Haynes & Gertrude Turner
James W. Haynes & Bertha Simpson

I invite you to take a look at my Haynes tree,
The Haynes-Miller Family tree. Its got over 20,000 names and abt. 1600 of them are Haynes's. Since you are descended from Walter, then that also means that we are distant cousins as well. Please feel free to contact me via email if you like (no pressure) hope to hear from you.