Saturday, June 11, 2011

History Of Stonington

Dudley W. Stewart #56 p. 607 is listed in the History of Stonington by Richard A. Wheeler as the last child born in his family with a birth date of Dec. 17, 1820.

Judge Wheeler, probably finding no birth record at the North Stonington Town Hall may have taken the date from the Denison genealogy?

The earliest Denison genealogy written in 1881 by Baldwin & Clift is online at in PDF. On page 158, there is the record for Eliza F. Denison, wife of Dudley and this has no birth date for Dudley so this is not where Judge Wheeler got the date. The Barbour Index for North Stonington doesn't list him in the Stewart/Stewert pages. It must be that a family member supplied the date and the information for the Steawrt family to Judge Wheeler.
Well, at least the wrong information is not in the Denison genealogy.

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