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Nathan FAY

Nathan FAY by midgefrazel
Nathan FAY, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.

Photograph of this gravestone of Nathan FAY was taken in the 
Old Southborough Burial Ground in Southborough, Worcester, Massachusetts on 21 June 2011.
I sprayed water on this gravestone so it could be more easily read and we used the reflecting circle to take this photo.

In Memory of
who died
21 Feb 1831
AEt. 84
We went to the Old Southborough Burial Ground to specifically search for the graves of Nathan Fay and his wife Lucy Bemis. The Fay Family Web page (which is no longer maintained by anyone as the person who created it has died) offered quite a lot of information on this branch of my husband's family. The list of Fay surnames gave me hope that we could find them but as it was not a complete listing, I didn't know who else was buried there. Find-a-Grave has a listing for this cemetery but there are no gravestones listed!

This is a snippet from the Fay genealogy of page 236 This genealogy is available at

The last child of Nathan and Lucy was my husband's ancestor. She, Rebecca, married Ebenezer Hyde and they are buried just up the road at the Southborough Rural Cemetery. [Mother and Father] holds a copy of the Massachusetts Soldier and Sailors and on page 597 of Volume 5 it simply states:

NEHGS holds the vital records for Southborough as well as 
Nathan, s. Aaron and Thankfull, Feb. 6, 1747-8. Birth: Southborough [She was a NEWTON]
Nathan, Feb. 21, 1831, a. 84  Death: Southborough

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