Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday: Jeremiah Cotton

As you can see by this badly weathered side of the monument to the Cotton family who were buried in Bath, Maine, Jeremiah Cotton died May 19, 1874 at 73 years, and 10 months. The Plot Card says he was age 72. The volunteer who took this photo took close up photos for better readability.

According to the book (and NEHGS article by the same author), Jeremiah was the son of Thomas5 (William4, Thomas3, John2 and William1) Cotton and his wife Mercy Bailey. The title of the book, The Cotton Family of Portsmouth, NH. lists Jeremiah and both of his wives and a list of his children (with order and dates of birth).

I looked everywhere for a date of death for Jeremiah and his first wife Salmone Sylvester and the only place this could be found (without sending to Maine for the records) was at Find a Grave. Maine's records are closed and you must prove lineage to get any vital records.

The records at Find a Grave had no photos with them and no contact person's email!. I had not seen this before, so I found someone else who took photos there and got very lucky that he was willing to go there and take photos for me.

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