Sunday, September 11, 2011

Old South Burying Ground, Bolton, MA

My genea-friend, Marian Pierre-Louis suggested that we take a field trip to nearby (to me) South Cemetery in Bolton, MA.

I must admit that it is a fitting way to remember those who died and those left behind, ten years ago on September 11.

I did some research with Google Maps and off we went. The street view showed the street sign clearly where we were to turn at Wattaquadock Hill Road. I saw that after that turn was a church, a police and fire station and a ball field.

Well, the street was blocked off, probably for a ceremony so we continued on to see what Bolton was like. After some time, we turned around and ventured down the street that turned into Manor Road. It intersects with the blocked road just past the church. Hooray!

We went quite slowly because could see the Winery fields and sure enough where we neede to turn down Berlin Road, the street sign was missing some letters.

We turned and after a couple minutes there was the cemetery and this sign. [It matches the one at the Pan Burying Ground]

There is a "road" inside the cemetery and we drove around to the right hand side and pulled onto the grass. Good thing we did because as this is an active cemetery with new graves, a car turned in because they wanted to tend a grave in the back.

We wandered around. I tested the Resting Spot app and also took photos with my digital camera.

On the way back, we found the street open and we sailed home without incident.

One thing. They are cutting down trees on the property next to the cemetery. It was very noisy. Was it loud enough to wake the dead? Not a chance. But, I did tell them that it was OK, they were safe in God's hands.


cap624 said...

I love Bolton's decision to install metal signs at all of their cemeteries (a few years ago.) Now everyone from out of town knows that they're in the right spot! Now that's a town that wants to welcome its genealogy visitors. I wonder if Irene wreaked any havoc in Old South like she did in Lancaster's Middle. How were those two big pines?

Midge Frazel said...

They are huge pines. Some branches were on the ground but I didn't see any broken stones with limbs nearby. I hope to go back and photograph each of the marble Vet markers.

cap624 said...

BTW: the Am. Rev. War vet stones are all on FindAGrave. I took a pic. of the crew in winter at sunset (my PC's wallpaper). And I'm glad to hear that Irene didn't wreak any havoc.

Midge Frazel said...

Yes, they are. But, if I take them myself I can blog about them.

cap624: Do you live in Bolton? email me, please