Friday, September 16, 2011

Rice Reunion Weekend

Deacon Edmund Rice by midgefrazel
Deacon Edmund Rice, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.

We are going on a bus tour this afternoon with the other Rice descendants. One stop will be at North Cemetery in Wayland, MA. We have already been there to find this memorial gravestone.

My husband is the Rice, not me so this should be a new experience for me!

  1. Deacon Edmund RICE (c1594-1663) and wife Thomasine FROST (1600-1654) [9th great-grandparents]
  2. Deacon Edward RICE (c1622-1712) and wife Agnes BENT (1631-1713) [8th great-grandparents]
  3. Daniel RICE (1655-1737) and wife Bethia WARD (1658-1721) [7th great-grandparents]
  4. Bethia RICE (1682-1754) and husband Jonathan NEWTON (1679-1753) [6th great-grandparents]
  5. Thankful NEWTON (1719-1755) and husband Aaron FAY (1719-1798) [5th great-grandparents]
  6. Nathan FAY (1747-1831) and wife Lucy BEMIS (1751-1834) [4th great-grandparents]
  7. Rebeckah FAY (1791-1870) and husband Ebenezer HYDE (1785-1882) [3rd great-grandparents]
  8. Abraham HYDE (1811-1897) and wife Eleanor Adalaide PARMENTER (1818-1856) [ 2nd great-grandparents]
  9. Vergene Ovando HYDE (1844-1909) and wife Frederica Bremer MERROW (1855-1886) [great-grandparents]
  10. Linda Edwards HYDE (1881-1949) and husband Phares David FRAZEL (1876-1949) [grandparents]
  11. Wilbur Hyde FRAZEL (1913-2011) and wife Ruth Hannah CRAIG (1915-2010) [parents]


Heather Rojo said...

I love reunions! Have a wonderful time and blog, blog, blog about it when you get home!

Bill West said...

Hey Midge,
Your husband and I are cousins! I'm an Edmund Rice descendant, too!