Wednesday, October 05, 2011


Hyde-Young_gravestone by midgefrazel
Hyde-Young_gravestone, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.
Photos by Bruce Filgates ( Used with permission.

HYDE-YOUNG monument
Pine Grove Cemetery, Bolyston, Worcester, MA

1837 Henry J. HYDE 1913
His Wife
1835 Amanda DAVIDSON 1897
1859 Warren S. YOUNG [no date]
His Wife
1868 Effie L. HYDE 1945
1897  Myra A. YOUNG 1933
1903 Mabel D. YOUNG  1933

Some granite markers, like this one, are hard to read and hard to photograph. Mr. Filgates did a great job with the angle. I would like to run my finger over the dates if I was standing in front of it.

Henry and his wife Amanda has Effie, who was an only child. Effie married Warren and they had two daughters. That's it in a nutshell.

Notice the missing death date for Warren. I am guessing he outlived his wife and daughters. Why did the daughters die in the same year?


Carol P. said...

I see you've found Bruce Filgates; he's a great resource!

Molly said...

Hi Midge,
I think I just found a reference to where Warren S. Young lived in Boylston which started out part of Shrewsbury.
"Dr. Morse was followed in the pastoral office by Rev. Eleazer Fairbanks, a native of Preston, Conn., and a graduate of Brown University in the class of 1775. He was ordained Mar. 27, 1777 and continued here until April 28, 1793, when he was dismissed after a pastorate of a little more than 16 years. After coming here he married Sarah, daughter of Dea. Ameriah Bigelow and about 1780 built the house which was afterwards the parsonage of Revs. Samuel Russell and William H. Sanford, and which is now the residence of Warren S. Young." This passage was lifted from

Molly said...

Hi Midge,
The headstone says Hazel Young but the transcription lists her as Mabel.?
As far as cause of death either the Shrewsbury or Boylston town clerk should be able to clear that up for you.Tuberculosis maybe?