Sunday, October 02, 2011

Matrilineal Line

Randy Seaver's, "Saturday Night Genealogy Fun" always gives me new perspectives on my family research even if I don't participate in his "fun" events. This time, however, I took a look at my matrilineal line:

Dorothy Frances Stewart (my mother) have gravestone photo
Hannah Josephine Barber (my grandmother) have gravestone photo
Nellie E. Schofield (my great grandmother) have gravestone photo
Sarah F. Gardiner (my2nd great grandmother) have gravestone photo
Eliza Bicknell (my 3rd great grandmother) have gravestone photo
Elizabeth Austin (my 4th great grandmother)
Grizzell Tourgee (my 5th great grandmother) have gravestone photo!
Amey or Mary [no maiden name, wife of Thomas Targee/Tourjee/Tourgee]

I had to consult my tree at for this and was I glad that I did! Another person posted the gravestone of Grizell, wife of Picus Austin. They are buried in the County Line Cemetery (a 7th day Adventist cemetery) in Darien, Genesse, New York. Her grave reads:

Grisill, wife of Picus Austin, died Nov. 8, 1845, AE 100 years

Picus Austin was a Revolutionary soldier and is listed in the DAR database as a recognized patriot.

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