Sunday, November 13, 2011

High Tech Midge

I am amused by my fellow geneabloggers posting their daily routines, so I guess I should admit to my hi-tech lifestyle. I am typing this on my iPhone 4.

I often check my email in the middle of the night. I am often in bed reading by 9 PM. I sleep listening to rain on my old iPod touch with my nook ereader and my iPhone plugged in next to me.

I read my tweets and check Facebook before I get up. Hubs is retired so I let him sleep and get up. Coffee and cereal keep me company while I read a book on my iPad.

Showering, dressing and picking up the house are next. Hubs brings down the laundry and then we have our second coffee. We decide on what we want for supper and I go back upstairs to work until lunch. My work is already laid out on my desk. I blog first or do gravestone research. Then, I answer emails.

I eat a light lunch while we watch the news, finish the laundry, and I read my tweets. Some mornings I go shopping with hubs for a couple hours.

I research most all afternoons until 4 when I cook supper. I talk to my schoolteacher daughter before that on her way home.

After supper, I read the blog posts, tweets on my iPad. Genealogy magazines and books keep me busy reading while we watch TV until I go to bed.

I own two laptops, a desktop computer an iPad, a digital camera, a Flip-pal and a flatbed scanner. We have three printers. Wow. Am I a geek or what?

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The Scrappy Genealogist said...

I love it...High Tech Midge. Sounds like a new career. Thanks for sharing your day. Jen