Saturday, November 12, 2011

Organizing Genealogical Materials

Surname Notebooks by midgefrazel
Surname Notebooks, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.
 Surname Notebooks a Flickr set.

Some years ago I read an article about "how to" organize your genealogy information. I liked the way the author was thinking and so I began to purchase notebooks and put the "stuff" in them. There are no original materials in these notebooks. All my vital records, etc. are in a fireproof box.

I would have liked to color code the books but it is impossible because I would have to expand a book when what I was filing got too much. I did buy some great crates that are for notebooks so that I could grab one to work on.

Sadly, they no longer make these crates or even the colored notebooks. I shrugged my shoulders and bought three new ones that really don't fit my system.

My husband bought this wall unit for me and put all my notebooks in them. It isn't full because four notebooks are in my office.

I file papers in file folders and then those I want to keep are put in the notebooks.

Someday, I will take each notebook, remove the contents and scan them. Then, I will give away the empty notebooks.

I have learned from others that I will need to do this by the time I am 70 when I will not be able to lift the notebooks or walk up and down the stairs.



Yvette Porter Moore said...

I just started my notebook system. I don't have a color coded system and had not thought about it. I like how you have done yours. Right now I am up to 10 notebooks and still filling. It is so much better than having all your material in boxes. So they do not sell those notebooks anywhere?

Midge Frazel said...

The "old" notebooks are Storex. Steples and OfficeMax don't have them in my local stores. As I am planning to scan all this, I decided it didn't need to look pretty.

If you want to color code them, you will have to buy the biggest size notebook in each color you can find.

My new binders are Staples brand. I bought three colors: orange, yellow and lime green.

Sounds like fruit punch.