Saturday, December 03, 2011


Ezekiel PARMENTER by midgefrazel
Ezekiel PARMENTER, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.
Husband of Keziah PARMENTER, son of Jedidiah and Silence PARMENTER, Ezekiel was father of 11 children.

He was born in 1771 in Sudbury probably under the name PARMINTER and married Keziah on 15 Jan 1797 in Framingham. He died 26 August 1843 in Marlborough and he is buried next to his wife in the Wilson St. section of Evergreen Cemetery in Marlborough.

His death record, which lists his name as PARMINTER, says he was married at the time of his death and either died on 23 Aug or 26 Aug with a cause of death as Epileptic Fit.


Cynthia B said...

These are BEAUTIFUL mid-19th C. gravestones. You caught the light PERFECTLY to bring out the carving and artwork on these wonderfully preserved stones! Is the maker known? Would love to see the two Mr & Mrs Parminter stones side-by-side in one photo. You hit the jackpot in finding this Parminter row ~ ~ ~

Midge Frazel said...

The light was just right. Gravestone in this area are very dark in color. I really enjoyed the epitaphs in this row. I usually don't transcribe them because most is below ground but not in this case.

I will have to look to see if I took a shot of them side by side. I know I took a photo of the backs of this row to get placement and size.

Thanks for your comment.