Saturday, February 25, 2012


Cottar by midgefrazel
Cottar, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.
What is the word under Cottar? 

I think, judging from the other records on the page that it is a place. Location of Record: Kirkinner Year: 1829

[Cottar: A tenant occupying a cottage with or without land attached to it, a married farmworker who has a cottage as part of his contract (cot-house - tied farmworker's cottage) ]

Update: today, 25 February 2012
Opened the Scottish Proverbs book by Colin Walker to page 177 and here is the proverb: "Like the links 'o the cruik". Translation below: "Spoken of one who looks emaciated" 

I think this may be, as someone suggested, a cottage near the banks of running water. In this proverb's case a drought.


Apple said...

It looks like Cruik to me. Possibly a place name or perhaps the name of the cottage or cottage owner? Maybe near the Creek?

Jo said...

Cruiks? Are there other similar entries on the same page which might give a clue as to whether it's a location?