Monday, February 20, 2012

You Know How It Goes?

Yesterday, my hubs cleaned the humidifier with bleach. It immediately made be think of my Uncle Jack. He and his wife, my aunt, (my father's brother's wife) worked for my maternal grandfather. Jack worked the wet wash which means it was all the white clothes that needed to be bleached in very hot water. It was very humid and the bleach odor never went away.

Last night, we watched the movie, "The Help" and one of the mothers in the movie was Sissy Spacek. My uncle wanted to go see her movie "Coal Miner's Daughter". That's how I found out that Jack's family was cold miners in the UK and here in the US. I was really surprised. I found them easily coming through Ellis Island because my father told me that Uncle Jack's father was missing a finger. You can imagine how curious my child self was about that!

I turned to my hubs and said, "Someone is going to ask me about Uncle Jack's family tomorrow." Yes, in my email this morning was a request for more information. Hubs laughed and went downstairs to the wall of surname book and brought up the notebook.

Just a regular day for a genealogist.


Karen Krugman said...

Days like that are VERY GOOD days indeed! Enjoy...

Jo said...

One word - "SERENDIPITY" Jo :-D