Saturday, March 24, 2012

James H. Entwistle Dies

James H. Entwistle Dies by midgefrazel
James H. Entwistle Dies, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.

James H. ENTWISTLE, husband of my husband's Aunt Jane CRAIG Entwistle died 17 Jun 1953 while out delivering milk to commercial businesses.

Notice how detailed this obituary is! This type of information about the death itself is not commonly found in newspaper obituaries today. 

Since my husband was a little boy when this uncle died, this is the most information we have about him. I did find out at Aunt Jane's calling hours that there are quite a few living members of this family. My mother-in-law told them that she had sheet music for his piano that her sister kept and did they want it?

Upon my engagement in 1971, I asked each woman in my future husband's family how they would like their invitation addressed. Much to my surprise, Aunt Jane started to cry when I suggested that she, as a widow, should have her name as Mrs. James H. Entwistle. I was SO sure that she was a recent widow!

My future mother-in-law stepped in and said to address it with her name and not her husband's as he died so long ago. She told me not to worry about it because Aunt Jane always cried when her  husband's name was mentioned.

As you can see by this obituary, his date of birth and his parent's names are listed. He was an Odd Fellow and a Mason.

Teachable moment: Detailed obituaries are full of information to be verified but they are good for finding out where to begin with your search.


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