Sunday, March 11, 2012

Talent Inherited

Handicraft Club by midgefrazel
Handicraft Club, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.
This is a crumbling, badly cut, newspaper article about my talented maternal grandmother. The bottom part of the article is missing so don't go look for it. At least the photo survived. Grandmother is holding her husband's family Bible. It is the rock solid basis for my genealogy charts. My business plan is "three sided" like the one in this article and has served me well for the five years I have been a professional genealogist.

I dated this article based on the year that my grandparent's moved from the address given here to another house on the same street at about 1936. Working with finding the EDs of the 1940 federal census made me go back over my information to see if I can narrow down some locations.

My grandparents, who previously rented, bought a house during the depression and then sent two children to college! My grandfather owned his own business (taken from his father) and kept many people working during these hard times. He died in 1955 and left my grandmother financially set for life. Until recently, I still had some of this money inherited from them. Isn't that amazing? This money I used to pay for my "genealogy habit" which included my subscriptions and materials like my surname notebooks. It was enough to pay for my Mayflower lifetime membership and three supplemental line. Like my grandparents, the money is gone.

I discovered that the Providence Public Library has posted some drawings and photographs of the places mentioned in the article. I gathered them in what Flickr calls a "gallery". I called it "Crafty Family History".

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