Wednesday, March 07, 2012

William Harcomb BROADFOOT dies

Death William Broadfoot Crop by midgefrazel

William Harcomb BROADFOOT 

William Harcomb Broadfoot, husband of Eliza Edgeworth ANNAN, son of Thomas BROADFOOT and Margaret HARCOMB died at the age of 50 in Glasgow, Scotland. This is his gravestone.

Before his marriage to Eliza, he must have left working in the grocery store in Dalbeattie and become a commercial traveler. As his father died in 1899, his mother, having no one to live with in 1901, had a granddaughter come to live with her. This means that William must be somewhere else in 1901 when the Scotland census was enumerated.

The man for whom he was named, William HARCOMB, also died in 1918 but earlier in the year in April. 

We know that William and Eliza had a surviving daughter.  I was told her name was Helen. It was not. Her name was Margaret Helen. She was named for her grandmother, Margaret but because that could have been confusing, they called her Helen.


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