Monday, April 16, 2012

Rhode Island Genealogical Register

Rhode Island Genealogical Register by midgefrazel
Rhode Island Genealogical Register, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.

Moses Barber
Fellow Genea-blogger, Randy Seaver, asked anyone if they were related to the Barber line. Yes, I am, I replied. What an adventure my Barber line has been!

I decided to look up the beginnings of what I have learned about the man called Moses Barber of Rhode Island.

I pay for a subscription to just because they have offered access online to some important Rhode Island Records.

I discovered that, for some reason, the images that I found there are not available at this time, so I have to pull the large binder and scan the pages (with references) so Randy and I can see how we are related.

The RI Genealogical Society offered me copies of some, but not all, of the bound copies of the RI Genealogical Register. I gratefully accepted. I have been looking at them a volume at a time, when I have the time. These books are referred to as Beaman because Dr. Alden G. Beaman and his daughter compiled them. I am lucky in that two of my families are "featured".

I thought you might like to see Vol. 1 and 2 and the exact reprints of the beginning of the part about Moses Barber.


Celia said...

How exciting, Midge! Amazing to be able to find such detailed records of that time.

Diane B said...

I love those books, too. The Will Index alone (volume 16) is just awesome. Which of your lines did you find special treatment of?