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AITKEN  by midgefrazel
AITKEN , a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.
Tombstone Tuesday: AITKEN monument
River Bend Cemetery in Westerly, RI

 My father's maternal line didn't spell their name with the T as in AITKEN. However, the man on this gravestone named James D. AITKEN worked with my father and my maternal grandfather at the Victor Cleansing Co. in Providence, RI.

Just to see if I could find ANY connection to my family, I researched the father (1855-1920) of James D. Aitken who is listed on this gravestone. The 1900 census states that he came from Scotland and was a paving cutter. I still feel there might be a connection. 

Mr.  James D. Aitken grew up in Westerly and moved to Providence about 1928 after working as a laundryman in Westerly in 1915 (City Directories). He is shown here with my father. I think my father is wearing the brown uniform worn by the men who delivered the laundry and dry cleaning in trucks. This puts this photo after WWII probably in the area near the cleaning plant.

The history of my family business has this to say about Mr. James D. Aitken:

The last names on the gravestone probably were family friends or coworkers as Mr. Aitken (Sr.) had two daughters and Mr. Aitken (Jr.) had no children.

It is still a mystery to be solved.


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