Monday, June 18, 2012

Buried in Vernon, British Columbia

 The Mystery of James H. Broadfoot's Burial
Tombstone Tuesday
Despite what it says here on this closeup of the gravestone of his parents, John and Jane Broadfoot in Dalbeattie, Scotland, young James H. Broadfoot, (my grandfather's brother) is actually buried in an unmarked grave in Pleasant Valley Cemetery (also known as Vernon Cemetery) in Vernon, British Columbia.

Relentlessly, a Broadfoot cousin searched until she found the right cemetery and then she traveled there to see the exact spot where he is resting. No marker marks his burial. When his parent's found out he had died so far away, they must have decided to bury him there and add him to their own gravestone. Not everyone listed on a stone may be actually buried there. We don't know what James was doing there when he died.

She took this photo of the cemetery caretaker and his plot map, showing her the location.

That's a dedicated family member! She solved the mystery of where James is buried!


Anonymous said...

In Scotland (as you have found!) people who are not actually interred there may be commemorated or mentioned on a headstone inscription - one of the reasons why Scottish monumental inscriptions can be so useful in genealogy :-) Jo

leeann said...
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