Thursday, July 05, 2012

Family Calendars

Family Calendars by midgefrazel
Family Calendars, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.

As a mother, wife and grandmother plus genealogist, I endure a lot of teasing about my obsession with calendars.

Since 1958, I have kept a calendar or journal of some kind. To non-genealogists, this is oddly eccentric.  As we genealogist and family historians know, the earliest New England resources and information about families that came to this country are in such journals and Bibles.

I can take the heat. I have transcribed calendars like the large one shown here into the "subject notebooks" that are in the front. The small calendars, meant for tucking in your pocketbook or briefcase are the ones for the earliest years of my marriage. The worst records are the ones I kept electronically. Think about that. I kept changing platforms and some of it got lost from device to device.

As I have become older, I am relying more and more on these records. I refer to them often, nearly every day. I transcribe the information into the notebooks on New Year's Day.

I am amused at how often my daughter asks me a question about an event. My mother hated that I did this and could tell her exactly what we did the year before on a holiday.

I'm sorry. I like the way I do this! 


kinfolknews said...

Don't apologize, Midge! I applaud you and wish I had been more organized in my "calendaring"!


Anonymous said...

What a great way for keeping track of dates from the past! I think we all have some method of doing things that works really well for us, but other people just don't understand. :)