Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Road Church

The Road Church  by midgefrazel
The Road Church , a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.

The Road Church, Stonington, New London, CT 
Yesterday, hubs and I went to Stonington, New London, Connecticut for the 2012 Thomas Stanton Reunion. It is a multi-day event with many activities. (Note: I did not visit any cemeteries!)

It's a long way to go for just a few hours but I wanted to see this church where it was held in the nearby parish house.

I took a lot of photos since it was a picture perfect day.

I used my iPhone app called Photosynth to practice taking panoramic shots. The software stitches the shots together but it is hard to keep your hand still to take the images.

This is the only photo that captured the whole of the church at once. I used an app called Snapseed to make it look this good.

This week, I will blog about this experience since it is of interest to several of my readers who live far away and may never see this great church or attend a Thomas Stanton Reunion.

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