Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday: Cemetery Whiz Team

 Introducing Walt and Marie

Sometimes, people cross your path that you know are going to be fascinating right away. Walt and Marie Seelye of Colorado are just my cup of tea. I hope you like their posts for my Tombstone Tuesday today.

They have far too much experience to be in my beginner cemetery class but they were a joy to have. They might live far away but they have family here in Massachusetts and have ancestors in my home state of Rhode Island. They might even be related to me! Cool.

I crowdsourced the symbol on this gravestone on Facebook and asked the famous Douglas Keister to take a look and give me some help with identifying it. It is KNIGHT of Malta and is a Masonic symbol.  It is so amazing to have a famous person as a contact.

Their blog is located at: WMCemeteryNotes. They have a great post about lichen and gravestones!

By the way, they live near the fires in Colorado. I don't know how they took the class while living with  all that worry, do you?

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Heather Rojo said...

You're correct, they have a great blog and are obviously not beginners. Isn't it fun, the people you meet on line? Sometimes I'm astounded!