Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cyrus and his sister Nancy STEWART

Photo by Brian Zoldak, 2012, used with permission
Brother and Sister

Nancy and Cyrus STEWART, born in 1813 and 1815 respectively, were my 2nd great grand aunt and uncle. Little Cyrus died at age 3 and his sister died at age 30. I don't know much about them as little Cyrus was really just a baby. It is so heartbreaking to see a little baby's grave. It was so close to the house they lived in. It must have been hard on his mother and father.

Photo by Brian Zoldak, 2012, used with permission
 Nancy, died unmarried at age 30. With her older and younger sisters married and out of the house, she must have been taking care of the men still working the farm. Her mother died the year before her and her brother died in September before her there certainly was a lot of death in this family in a short space of time.

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