Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Denison N. Stewart

Denison N. Stewart 5 (Edward4, Nathan3, William Jr.2, Lieut William1) was born the first son and third child of Edward Stewart and his wife Rebecca Noyes. He lies buried in the Stewart Hill Cemetery #39 in North Stonington, CT. His gravestone was broken at the "date line" when I took the top photo and the crack had been solidified when Brian Zoldak took the lower photo recently.

Because of the death notice in my family Bible, I asked that the online transcription made by NancyAnn Norman and Gladys Chase be changed to aged 59. As you can see, it could not be easily read as it is right on the crack and the lower part is not easily seen.

North Stonington was taken from Stonington in 1807. However, the same town clerk, Stephen Avery was town clerk at that time. It is his clear and steady hand that adorns the record books of North Stonington.

However, not all births, deaths and marriages are recorded because it was not required by law.  Denison's brother, Dudley Wheeler Stewart's birth was not recorded and where it is written in books is incorrect as far as I can tell.

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