Thursday, August 09, 2012

Update! Stewart Family Reunion Photo

Stewart Family Reunion by midgefrazel
Stewart Family Reunion, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.
The Stewart Family of North Stonington

Previous Post (2011):

This is a scanned copy (one of two) of an undated photo of the Stewart/Steward family homestead. It was obtained from Gladys Chase of the North Stonington Historical Society from the archives stored at the Society.

Maureen Taylor, world known "photo detective" examined it for me and sets the date, from the clothing, at about 1900.

There are many mysteries about this photo. What was the reason for the reunion? Who is the couple standing posed having their photo taken and are the people attending family, neighbors or friends. Note that some are Orthodox Jews.

Update Post (2012)

After reading the obituaries shared with me by The North Stonington Historical Society, I think that I have a clue to the people in this photo. Miss Elizabeth Stewart's obituary of 1904, states that George Palmer Stewart lived in the family homestead near Lake Wyassup at the time of his sister's passing  His own obituary in July of 1905 confirms that he lived in the house as of that date. George P. Stewart (age 56 at death) and his wife Almira had a son George Floyd Stewart who did not marry.

Are the people in this photo, George Palmer Stewart, his wife Myra (Almira) and his sister Elizabeth, taken just before 1904?

It is probably the best I can do to find out who these people are. I am hoping that some Stewart family descendants can help!

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