Sunday, September 02, 2012

Richard Anson Wheeler

Wheeler's Portrait by midgefrazel
Inside Cover Page of his book which is out of copyright
Wheeler's Portrait, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.
Probably the most used book in my ancestral collection is now out of copyright and available as a downloadable PDF ebook. I think it has been there a while but it took a fellow genealogist, Marcia Rice to remind me it was there. Thanks, Marcia!

Judge Wheeler's work is an essential one with chapters about many Connecticut families living in the Stonington area. This book, titled, History of the Town of Stonington, county of New London, Connecticut, from its First Settlement in 1649 to 1900, with a Genealogical Register of Stonington Families was compiled by him with the help of his daughters.

Judge Wheeler [his gravestone] was my 2nd cousin, 5x removed. I think he must have contacted a living member of each family to submit their genealogical and biographical information. I'd bet he was relentless in badgering them until they got it done. His daughter, Grace Denison Wheeler was also the Town Historian and the first person I have even seen to give her occupation as genealogist in the census.

Considering it was published in 1900, there are not a lot of big errors and I always confirm what I can with vital records but if it had been written today, it would have been hyperlinked (a lot).

He successfully referenced the wife/husband when he could. His numbering system is easy to follow.

Wheeler. p. 607
Today, I helped a fellow genealogist with a family who had a chapter on the Billings family. I just was working on Bejamin Franklin Billings that married Abby Starkweather, widow of Denison N. Noyes.

Wheeler's book always engages me. I have to admit, I read it for fun frequently.

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