Friday, December 28, 2012

Project Based Genealogy Steps

Steps in Project Based Genealogy Projects
based on Mark Tucker's Think Genealogy Map
  1. List Essential Question(s) to be answered
  2. Decide on a Project Product and give it a name
  3. Set Long Term and Short Term Research Goals
  4. Break project into Managable Parts
  5. Stay Organized
  6. Gather Sources, Information and Citations 
  7. Collaborate with Others
  8. Analyze Evidence and Draw Conclusions
  9. Present the Project Product


Jen Baldwin said...

Love it. I'll be making this into a template with OneNote for future reference. Thank you!

Debra Newton-Carter said...

Wow! Maybe it's because I'm ADHD & dyslexic...but even though I am extremely organized (I didn't say neat...there's a difference), I start out:
1. Identifying the project & naming it;
2. Deciding what documents I need to look for first;
3. Transcribing and abstracting documents, noting salient details and identifying the next doc to hunt for;
4. Hunting for the doc...then a family tree...then some census data...then connecting with someone in that family....
I think once I get to step 4 it's a free-for-all. But I have learned to note the steps I took in either my blog or online journal so I don't lose track.
Thanks again for helping us to get organized! ;-)

Celia Lewis said...

Okay, I have a few genealogy projects for this year, and I've saved a template version to help me keep on track with all steps. Merci!

Midge Frazel said...

Be sure and download Mark Tucker's Chart listed at the top of this blog post with specifics on each "genealogy" part.

Anonymous said...

Hi Midge, Since this came up in a Facebook comment recently, I would propose adding a 10th step at the end - evaluating the product or presentation. This would be done both externally and internally and be both based upon basis of excellence and/or financial success. Just a thought.