Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Denise's Virtual Book Tour

My California-Girl friend, Denise Levenick travelled to New England to go to the last NERGC 2011 and to do research here in New England. I had a great time visiting with her and we did the techno girl thing over coffee and our iPads. It was fun having someone come to our conference from the other coast.

 My husband enjoyed having her hang out with us and she calls him "Wonder Hubby" since he waited on her like he does for me when I am surrounded by other genealogists.

Then, I heard that she was writing a book and when it was published (I pre-ordered a copy), I sat down in my comfy porch chair to plan out my reading of the chapters. I never read non-fiction in order. I check out the index, the table of contents and decide from there where I am going to work on reading, highlighting and note-taking. It was hard. I was excited to have worksheets available online for download. 

I was stunned to be included in the acknowledgements page (p. 205) because although Denise and I talked about archival presentation, I do not consider myself an expert!  

OK, so I AM organized. I love being organized, but I discovered very early in my reading of her book that I still have a LOT to learn from this book. Buy it! I guarantee that you will find things and Web sites you do not know about.

In honor of her book tour, I purchased an different archival box for my file from my favorite organization store, The Container Store. We are luck to have one of these stores in nearby Natick, MA but some of the items are only available online. 

I needed this one for important papers that need to be stored correctly but I need to refer to them frequently. Much to my joy, the file folders are archival quality too. [$29.99] 

This is what genealogist want for Valentine's Day plus a copy of Denise's book.

Denise's book at Amazon.com (in case you are a Amazon Prime member)
So, if you will excuse me, I have to go re-read the section on Mind-Mapping software.....


Family Curator said...

DETOUR ---> The Blog Book Tour can't say "No" to New England hospitality.

Thanks for the "thumbs-up" review, Midge. I'm also happy to have helped you add to your Essential Equipment cache. Genealogy is a skilled profession, and you need the BEST tools!

Come visit Mr. Curator and Me in SoCal. And bring Wonder Hubby too! ~Denise

Anonymous said...

Hi Midge, I sure do like it when you are able to include different types of information on this blog - keeps it timely, interesting, fresh, and useful. Not that gravestones, cemeteries, and of course family, are dull. Ha!

Debra Newton-Carter said...

That's not a cardboard archival box in your photo, is it Midge? I have stopped using them following a flood we had a few years back when our water heater blew a seal. The whole apartment got flooded, and even those items not directly exposed to the water, other items were damaged because of dampness and mildew. I am now using plastic file boxes for storage....I suppose I could put archival board boxes inside plastic boxes. What are your thoughts on that?

Midge Frazel said...

Yes, the box is acid free, archival quality like all my others. The photos (and papers) are in special envelopes. I store all my photos in my office closet after reading books by Maureen Taylor and this one by Denise.

When I get the boxes organized I will store them in a waterproof box.

Check your library for books by Maureen Taylor.