Monday, January 14, 2013

Measuring Up

Victor Cleansing Co. Ruler by midgefrazel

The Ruler
How am I measuring up?

During the course of a genealogical project, one must step back and do a self evaluation assessment as to how the project is going. This is called a formative assessment and it an important step in the learning process.

I am trying to deflect any distractions that come my way during this process. I have been distracted by only one person asking me a question about a potential ancestor's gravestone. I stopped and helped him. Turns out his family is descended from the second wife! Good... (BTW, the surname of that husband was SMITH)

I went to the Mass Society of Genealogists meeting on Saturday because I wanted to meet another geneablogger. That was fun.

I was asked to do a presentation for next fall. Didn't I just give that up? Hmmmm....

The City Directory Project (within this project) is coming along nicely. I have two or three new pieces of information. I will be organizing that this week.

Thanks for sticking with me on this adventure!

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