Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Horse and Buggy?

Westerly Laundry Graphic by midgefrazel
Westerly Laundry Graphic, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.

Horse and Buggy?
Growing up, I heard a lot of nice things about Charles Stewart, my great grandfather. My grandmother must have liked her husband's father and my mother thought her Grandpa Charlie was a very special guy. Good looking and smart. What's not to love?

Before my mom died, she put the "Story of Victor" pamphlet in the photo box so that I would find it the next time I visited. I was trying to get her mind off my father's death and her own declining mental state.

It did work a bit. She talked more about her grandparents and her great Grandmother, enough to help me understand what I was looking for genealogy wise. Some things remain a mystery.

The Story of Victor pamphlet was the first time I saw the name Westerly Steam Laundry in print. I wasn't sure I could find out more.

Just seeing this graphic made me realize how long ago it was founded. Since then, some new evidence has come to light.

Projects are never really finished which is why many books, movies and TV programs have sequels. But, at least I waited until I had more information.

The Story of Victor is not the whole story. The beginning is about laundry.

Soap Bubbles in my Blood....

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