Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Weybossett St. Providence Store

Moving to Providence

This clip from the 1917 Westerly City Directory on page 166, really took my breathe away because I think it shows that my grandfather was done with commuting from Westerly to Providence and finally talked his father into a branch store in Providence.

He may have begun by making an agency out of "Mrs. Young's Gift Shop" on Thayer St as early as 1908 as it says in the company pamphlet.

My grandparents married in January of 1914 .. My grandfather's World War I draft card for June 1916, lists that he lives with wife and child at 112 Wentworth Ave. in Cranston on the Providence  line. [My notes say that they lived on Charles Field St. on the East Side of Providence for a while when they moved from Westerly. It was a brand new apartment house with a murphy bed and a kitchenette and a bathroom]

The lesson learned is that I didn't notice, that this page from 1915 listed BOTH business names. I printed it years ago but I was only focused on the "removed to Providence" and didn't notice the plant still in Westerly. 

I found an ad in the 1912 listing the business as 285 Weybosset St. which was the first location of the store in Providence. 


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