Saturday, February 23, 2013

Renovated Plant

Victor Cleansing Co. Cyr St. by midgefrazel

After my grandfather, Evans Stewart died in 1955, the plans he made for improving the plant were already started. This "store front" are was added to the plant building and the trucks for the business were put next to the shipping area. (See the garage doors to the right of the photo?)

The left side that you can see here was the office area and moving the business part away from the work area made it quieter and cooler. Grandpa lived long enough to set up his desk. I used to love to play at his desk. May Lyle, who was office manager then, let me use the adding machine. When the business dissolved in the 1970s, Dad brought home the adding machine. I laughed out loud. It was like seeing an old friend.

I suppose it was my first "technology".

Customers could drive up, drop off dirty clothes and pick up clean ones.   It was a new era!

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