Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Scottish Wills

WILL I Be Successful?

During the past few days, I have been purchasing, printing and cropping sections of the will of my ancestor Adam SMITH of Merkland Farm. Without the newest book in my collection, Scottish Genealogy by Bruce Durie, I would not have been remotely in hope of being successful at understanding this (and his mother's document). Guessing your way through this type of document would have not gained me any knowledge beyond his date of death.

Transcribing early American wills was somewhat helpful, even though the handwriting is worse. I can see that I am learning a new court system, money, and the unfamiliar occupation names of "clerk" as "writer". I'm trying to look at this as fun. (Thank you Miss Cobb, my Latin teacher)

Since Adam and his brother died in 1849 and were co-owners of the farm, I was hoping it would tell me who inherited the property.

Another problem is that I only have the 1841 census to go by for those living there. Adam's daughter, Jane Smith married the farm hand Robert Hannah a month after the census was taken. I suspect that he's listed on another page in the "outhouse". That's what the other farm buildings were called. They live in Ruthwell for 20 years and he dies in Dalbeattie at his daughter's home. 

I never thought I'd get this far with this research.....


Kathy H said...

What is the little item that is holding your book open and WHERE can I get one?

Great little gadget

Kathy H said...
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Midge Frazel said...

I looked at and this is like mine, which I think I bought at The Container Store but this seems the same.
Book Magic Book Clip

Kathy H said...

Thanks so much---I forgot to mention I heard about your blog from one of the speakers on who mentioned it about your bag you pack to go to the cemeteries.

I am watching the live sessions on the internet, but wished I could be there. Looks like a lot of fun.