Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sun Catchers

Sun Catchers by midgefrazel
Sun Catchers, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.

Early Easter Sunday
Feeling a bit desperate for sunshine and warm weather, I cleaned out two of the drawers in my kitchen this week. They were pretty messy since I keep finding things we packed that were in the wrong box and I admit, I just stuff it in one of these drawers.

I bought this apple and pear the fall before we found our house in Bridgewater. That was nearly 40 years ago in 1973. I shake my head at where the time went between that day and today. It seems too early for Easter and it is quite cold here still.

Our kitchen window has an inside screen with crank out windows. I love that because my grandmother had that kind of window in her house. But, that where I wanted to hang these sun catchers. It wasn't going to work so I just put them in the drawer.

I had to put them out quite far away from the sliders that go out to our side deck. If the sliders get opened too much , these will fall and probably break.

I suppose after 40 years that would be all right because they aren't family heirlooms, just do-dads that I like.

It is a fine line between what we cherish and what we get tired of. I'm weary of winter and need some sparkle. These will shine in the early morning sun and make me smile. That's the way to start every day.....

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