Sunday, March 03, 2013

Wild and Wooley Scholfield

Schofield Notebook by midgefrazel
Schofield Notebook, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.

Wild and Wooley Scholfield
Not to be called an overachiever or anything, I started to gather some of my Schofield research for a short term Project Based Genealogy Adventure.

In the past, I have done a lot of work on this line! So, this short term project will ONLY be about the gravestones that my friend Brian Zoldak has found for me so I won't be giving you a lot of background. You didn't think I was going to tell you all about what I have in this huge notebook, did you?

Short term projects are not meant to be all encompassing. So, I wanted to show you what I have to do to be able to write about just a few gravestones.

The first thing I had to do was to encourage Brian to go to Montville and take the gravestone photos for me. (That was easy!) and then I spent several days organizing the huge notebook you see here so that I can find everything. It is still not as organized as I liked. The Vital Records of Montville (to 1850) (at are incomplete. The History of Montville (Google Books) is wonderful as it was written by a descendant who was the town clerk.

Dorothy Hanna found the missing pages (300-303) from the New London Genealogical and Biographical Record at the Mystic River Historical Society. Count Curtis compiled a family genealogy which I purchased. I am grateful for all the help.

Then, I scanned the badly photocopied article from my Family Bible that tells the story of the Scholfield Brothers who came to America to create the first woolen mill. The story in this article repeats over and over everywhere I look. Where it originated I can't be sure. Here's a previous post where I transcribed the article.

But most of all, did I mention that I am allergic to wool?


Anonymous said...

Hi Midge, So that's why no "Wool in the Blood" as a title for your fine blog!

Denise Levenick said...

Aha, the oft-repeated family story with no source of record. The bane of my research. My sympathies. ~ CaliGal