Thursday, April 25, 2013

Nathan Stanton Gates

Nathan Stanton Gates by midgefrazel
Nathan Stanton Gates, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.

"Stan" Gates

Stan, was the son of Capt. Gurdon Gates and his second wife Martha Phelps. his pedigree charts goes back a long way and includes such surnames as Miner, Packer and Dension.

Without knowing it, I took photos of Stan's parents and grandparents in the Fishtown Cemetery in Lower Mystic, Connecticut in a great cemetery full of sea captains and their families. I haven't blogged about them as yet so we will save them for another time.

As you can see Mr. Gates died some years before his wife. He bought the Denison Homestead from his wife's aunts Sarah and Phoebe and gave it to his wife as a gift.

Mrs. Gates was a nature lover and so part of the bequeathed land was set aside as a preserve and nature center. It was quite the inheritance. I often turn to the Denison genealogy for reliable information about families in the area. Many are listed as they married Denisons or descendants of Denisons. It was a compiled genealogy worth the price.

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